For any of the music enthusiasts out there, it is just good to be idolized musician because of his contributions in the industry. In this regard, Christopher “Yung Traxx” Currie is known for composing musical arrangements. Born in Memphis, in Tennessee, he actually is the middle child of three brothers. He was raised in Hernando, in Mississippi. At such an early age, he already discovered his passion and interest in music.

Mostly influenced by the Gospel music, he became more interested in it as it is played by Grandmother Barbara Person Currie and Aunt Mary Lillian Lesure. The Gospel music was played on the organ and piano at the Baptist Church. Actually, he was really fascinated by the Gospel music and had put his heart to it. He also focused more on the progress and the Gospel chords. This had helped him nurture his music interest from the beginning until the end.

Through all those childhood years, he became attuned to the sounds of drums and piano. This was specifically true from the early years. He also would learn more about the piano despite it being a complex instrument. In the years that come, he learned that he had a God-given and natural talent. This talent allowed him further to progress and play drums more. This was the time that he did excel at playing it and becoming tuned to piano.

At the age of eleven, he composed his musical arrangements and he really did great at all these. He used software from a computer coming from Image Line. This was basically called as the “Fruity Loops” or FL Studio. During that time, he did use Version Number 3.0. As the years went by, software and computer tools upgraded. Even Chris decided to upgrade his musical gadgets. He had his great interest in version 11.0 and this had helped him further compose musical arrangements. These were all specifically intended for artists like Blac Youngsta, Jayy Perry, Gangsta Boo, Pat Mann, Lucci (YFN), J Money, 3-6 Mafia and a whole lot more.


Of course, his passion in music will never continue without the strong support of his family circles. These likely include of Gabe “Ha Style” Fullerton, Mark “Da Spot” Lesure, Roderick “Buck 1” Webb and Andre “Guice” Jackson. Apart from it, he was also able to capture specific music formulas. These formulas basically came from various genres at high volumes.

Another good thing about him is that he is influenced by the following musical producers like Drumma Boy, Blackout, Johnny Juiano and Brian Michael Cox. At the present time, he is continuing his career further along with the presence of his brother. His brother is named as Corderro “Mac Derro” Currie. They both created the so-called “90’s Baby Coalition. They strongly influenced the music industry and they were loved by everybody. They are famous and they continue to gain prominence in the music industry.

For those who loved to support Christopher “Yung Traxx” Currie, he really is something amazing. He did joyfully enjoy music and loved it all the more!

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