90's Baby Ent. Services

90’s Baby Ent.

    • The Producer – The producer’s roles are making the beats, controlling the recording sessions, coaching and guiding the artists. A producer may also supervise the recording, mixing and mastering processes of a record.
    • The DJ – The DJ introduces and plays artist’s music at venues and on radio stations. The DJ also is skilled in mixing and scratch existing music to create a new sound. 90’s Baby Ent. DJs are available for mixtape hosting, parties, wedding receptions, birthday parties, nightclubs, block parties and more.
    • Audio Engineer – The Audio Engineer shapes the sound of an album or song. They record, edit, and mix sound through their choice of microphones, setting levels and sound manipulation techniques.
    • The Artist – The artist professionally records music independently or through a major record label. Who records and releases music, often professionally, through a record label or independently.
    • The Camera Man – The Camera Man makes the artist’s vocals become a visual of pictures and videos or films.
    • The Promoter – The promoter’s main job is to publicize an event or concert for an artist or band. The promoter will also advertise the artist’s music online and utilizes all other available resources to further advance the artist’s career.