Dj Mark da Spot, also known as Mark Lesure is a DJ who has been on the business of giving good music since 1994. It was then that he started as a Disc Jockey and explored the music scene. It all started when Mark’s brother, Harold Lesure, who was in the military, started his collection of CD music together with disc CD changers, Nurmark Club-series speakers and Kenwood stereo amp.

From then one and when his brother came back home having purchased a Radio Shack 4 channel mixer and amp, he also begin to love Djing and began his career as DJ Mark Da Spot. He continued his career until 1997, the legendary Andre Jackson aka B.K.A. “Guice” of the SnubNoze Muzik told Mark, …”you can control your music and crowd better if you get a pair of Technic 1200’s turntables & helped with the purchase.”

From then on, DJ Mark Da Spot started to up his game and take it to another level. By that, he started exploding his career in Djing by doing all the local parties in the area and proceeds to become SnubNoze Muzik label’s official DJ. In the process of the many changes in his career, he also proceeded to start his own movement – the SHATTERD WORLD.

Ever since a child, Mark Lesure would always go rapping and freestyling with his cousin, G. Fullerton aka HA-STYLE in the back room of the house owned by Lesure’s mother. Even while in high school, he always has strong passion for hip hop music. It was when A. Jackson introduced him and his cousin to producer D. Graham that they were able to begin recording in the producer’s home studio. It is there that they recorded their very first song – SHATTERD WORLD which would then stick as their name.

When the album was finished, they begin promoting all over the S.E.C. region which has allowed him to work together with artists like Yo Gotti, iHeartMemphis, Mystikal, Playa Fly, Boo da Boss Playa, Kronic, MoneyBag Yo, Gangsta Blac, Scarface Al Capone, Playa Zeek, Playa Posse, Terror and Snubnose Muzik.

During a four-year period, the two of them wrote various songs and recorded them. At the same time, new relationships have been made during that period of time. Similarly, Mark Lesure along with his cousin would experience traveling to different places including Atlanta and the PATCHWERK studio. During those times, they witnessed the recording of the classic album of SNUBNOSE, the DIGITAL GRAVEL.

Mark Lesure continuous to work on his music and bring good music to all the fans of the hip hop culture by crafting great albums similar to the SHATTERD WORLD. He continuous to work on songs that cover different angles of the hip hop genre and exploring all the things that are happening in the state, songs that will bring awareness to anyone who will listen to such songs. When it comes to good hip hop music, Mark Lesure aka DJ Mark Da Spot is the one person you can expect to bring you the best of the best in hip hop music.

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