Born on the 14th of October 1988 in Memphis, TN, Darrell Currie or more popularly known as Dj iLipz entered the DJ scene, sharing his passion for music and entertaining people, in 2008. At the age of 6, he moved back to Hernando, MS, his mom’s hometown.

Dj iLipz has always loved music since birth, but the DJ game caught his interest when he started tagging along with his cousin DJ Mark Da Spot. To pursue this game and to learn more about being a DJ, he would unload and load the equipment for his cousin and join the events for free. In 2008, a call from Dj Mark Da Spot changed everything for him. He was a student at Northwest Community College at that time. The call started with Dj Mark Da Spot asking him if he wanted to make some money and iLipz answering with an enthusiastic “hell yeah.”

Dj iLipz started holding his own events not only for Northwest Community College, but also for the neighboring areas. His skills as a DJ have been recognized not only by a large audience, but also by big names in the industry. Dj iLipz has worked with major artists including Kronic YungFresh, Mac Derro, Yo Gotti, iHeartMemphis, Freeza Boy, Lil Boosie, Lutinent G, Starlito, Kia Shine, MoneyBagg Yo and Playa Fly.

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