90’s Baby Ent. started in the early 90’s by Mac Derro and his brother Yung Traxx. The brothers had already been dealing with music, producing, recording and making beats in the studio and came together to rep one brand to show that the 90’s Baby generation is the generation that will bring back the truth of real music and high quality, high standard services of what the music industry is searching for. The company also produce their own videos and act as their own photographers for their brand and other local artists. 90’s Baby Ent. is a record label that aims to bring back 1990-1999 era rap music, with a goal to bring together all fans of Rap music from that era.

90's Baby Ent. Services


Video Production and Editing

Mobile DJ

Music Production

Mixtape Hosting

Music Videos

Music Consulting

Studio Time

Radio Play

Model Interviews


Graphic Design and Photography

Credit Repair and Business Start Loans

Travel Agent


Marketing Strategies

Audio Engineering

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Mac Derro
Yung Traxx
DJ iLipz
DJ Mark Da Spot

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